4 C’s of Diamonds: Clarity Grading

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4 C’s of diamonds: Clarity grading. By definition the term clarity refers to a diamonds level of imperfections.

In the 1st image, the inclusions are numerous and certainly are visible to the unaided eye. It’s a I2 clarity grade. Next is an I1, easy to see the imperfections at 8 o’clock with the unaided eye if you’re looking for them, but still a pretty diamond. Finally, a SI1, small inclusions that are easy to see under 10X magnification, but none that are eye visible or that would interfere with light return.

Clarity, in my experience, is the factor that most people assume is top priority in selecting a diamond. In fact, clarity is much more a value factor than a beauty factor. I’ll explain that as briefly as possible by making the other 3 of the 4 C’s equal. If our SI 1 shown here were a 1.10 carat H color, ideal cut diamond it’s value would be about $7,000, now lets push the clarity grade up to flawless, it’s value now has ballooned to over $11,000, yet in a side by side comparison they would appear identical even to a trained eye.

It’s very important to us that we grade and represent diamonds accurately in reference to quality in all ways, but I also like to help the selection process by showing hands on how all these factors come together in the final product and price.