4 C’s of Diamonds: Cut

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Cut, as it relates to the 4C’s of diamond grading, is a measure of craftsmanship and quality of cut. The term also is used synonymous with shape, round, oval, etc.

Cut analysis is the most complex C of diamond grading, and the most important factor in the beauty of the finished diamond.  We grade each diamond in the 3 subcategories of cut:

  1. Polish – measuring how perfectly flat the finished facets are (no evidence of polish lines)
  2. Symmetry – measuring the geometric perfection of the facet pattern
  3. Proportions – measuring the ratio of depth to width, the angles of the crown and pavilion, as well as several more key angles and percentages

Diamonds that are cut to maximize light dispersion and reflection are easy to spot when compared to ordinary diamonds. It’s a difference that jumps right out, even to the untrained eye. And it has nothing to do with color or clarity.

Again, nothing to do with color or clarity? Right. I restate that point to call attention to pricing. Probably 100% of comparison shopping results would reveal that the “best deal” on a chosen combination of size, color, and clarity, will be the one with the lowest cut grade.

Diamonds cut to the highest standards are not the norm, they never show up by luck or accident in the display cases of discount focused.