The 5th C of Diamonds: Cost is a Factor

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4 C’s of diamonds? Why not make it 5 C’s? Cost is a factor, so we bring it into the conversation right away. Not in the usual way of discounts or sales talk, but as part of our presentation of facts.

The outline sketch above represents 2 different cutting options of the SAME rough crystal, so while the color and clarity of each are equal, their weight would vary significantly. Because these diamonds came from the same crystal, their cost is also equal. Almost anyone comparing prices would choose the heavier one because it seems the best value. In reality, though, the lighter example is cut to optimum proportions for light return (brilliance), and would put its chunky cut “equal” to shame if viewed side by side.

Boring stuff? Yes indeed, dry as chalk. But important to someone who’s in the market, that’s who we’re hoping to reach, so if you know one please share to them.